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From its beginning back in 2003, SBA Group has been managed by a group of young professionals with a new vision, to offer their clients spaces amazing architectural design and functional spaces that are more than a structure, but the home each of us yearn about, that space you have always dream of.


Our journey in the market as real estate developers, has given us the opportunity for continuous improvement, to offer you a renew and innovative experience of acquisition of your new home or work space, allowing us to help you achieve what you need, to make the right decision, because it is not any purchase, you are buying that space that will be an essential part of your life, where you will watch your children grow, where your dreams will come true.  As value added, Saul Bassan leaves his personal signature in the careful design of each of his lobbies, evoking thousands of wellness sensation that immediately disconnect you of the routine, to immerse you in that haven of peace that will be your new space.


We are a developer company that exists after the introversion of two great worlds: as architects, we design unconventional structures, bringing the sublime and harmonious to the landscape. As designers: we hold hands with our team in every moment to assure the final result of the work is in perfect harmony with the essential vision established in the planes.  We have the control of the construction in every moment, we like building high quality spaces, our designs are unique, our finished works have the highest qualities standards. We focus on details, we guarantee you the best quality finish touches, and our dedication and that of our allies and collaborators are a symbol of our promise of compliance.


We plan our projects from zero.  As developers, we have the chance of choosing the right landscape; plan based on the characteristics and needs of the area, develop and manage the project from the initial investment to the   moment when we hand it over to our client. We leave our personal mark in each of our developments, thus we have stand out with our innovative design line in comparison with other developers and investors and have established us as a company that offers innovation to clients with commercial, hotel, offices and hospital projects in which we have left our personal mark, we have left a landmark.


Our architecture portrays minimalist lines that highlight the beauty of the building and its surroundings, adding harmony and splendor to the landscape. The personal signature of Saul Bassan is marked in the structural design of each of his projects. His emblematic style is expressed in each of his timeless minimalist lines, loaded with elegance and harmony that break paradigms creating art in the urban environment.


We seek to meet your expectations at every moment; we aim to create functional, dynamic spaces adapted to your needs. We consider each detail of the structure, our main objective is to assure beauty, good taste, flow and comfort are mixed harmoniously to bring to life our masterpieces.  These pieces will become part of you, and are designed to satisfy your needs and please your taste.


Saul Bassan leads a team of architects that have developed a unique style that we offer to you for your personal projects, always adapting to your needs. We will materialize that structure you are dreaming about. We will take your idea, and fusion it with our knowledge and experience, we will bring to life a project that will even boost the potential hidden in your dream. We will deliver a project that will exceed your expectations. Our design service includes private developments, business and residential projects, beach houses, hotels, just bring your idea to us.


Each of our projects stands by itself, we enjoy printing an aura in each of them, give them a voice. Each of our constructions projects stand proudly, adapted to its landscape, embellishing it, adding beauty and dynamism and that is exactly what we would do for your project.


Arq. Saul Bassan | Managing Director
Gabriel Bassan | Commercial Director
Javier Torres | Comptroller
Karina Herrera | Administrator
Arq. Dathnee Ruiz | Architecture & Design
Sarita Mizrachi | Sales

Monica Vásquez | Sales
Velkys Villareal | Account Excecutive
Amy Miranda | Account Excecutive
Evigdalia Ortega | Accounting
Cristian Jiménez | Accounting

Arq. José Tejada | Projects
Ing. Melvin Guerra | Projects
Ing. Gustavo Villarreal | Projects
Alcibiades Juarez | Correspondence
Ruth Bejarano | Cleaning